SSES - Signaling and Electromechanical Solutions


Your source for Railway Onboard and Power Transmission & Distribution Solutions!

With over 20 years experience in the Railway Transit Industry, we are capable of sourcing the parts systems you require.

We can reverse engineer discontinued electronic and electromechanical parts.

Onboard Electronics & Components

- Dynamic Braking resistors

- Custom designed semiconductors (IGBT, GTO)

- Displays (Speed, Operator, any electrical value)

- Custom Electronics (Power Supplies, Ground Detectors, GPS, Battery Monitors, Testers, and more)

- Master Controllers and Alerters

- Integrated Operator Panels

- Axle Generators

- Vital Accelerometers

- Transducers and wound products

Electromechanical and Vehicle Parts

- Relays & Contactors

- Contactor Spare Parts

- Braids

- Sinterized and Specialised Contacts

- Relay Testing and Calibration

- Gearboxes

- Trucks

- Brushes and Brush Holders

Power Transmission & Distribution

- Disconnect Switches

- Manual and Motor Switch Operators

- Deadtank Breakers

- AC and DC Switchgear

- Overhead Catenary Systems

- Substation Design

- Monitoring Relays and Electronics

Local Services available in

Montreal - Toronto - Boston - New York - Baltimore - Philadelphia - Pittsburgh - Washington

Railroad photos by Dan Troy:

Train-Control & Signaling Systems

  1. -ATC / ATO / ATP and PTC Systems and Components

  2. -Train-to-Wayside Communication Systems

  3. -GPS Monitoring

  4. -Transponders and Encoders

  5. -Custom Failsafe Electronics (Timers, Code Generators)

  6. -Signal and Track Transformers, Balancing Impedance

  7. -Track and Signal Resistors (AAR)

Worker and Vehicle Protection Systems

  1. -ProHot Stick Third Rail Voltage Measurement

  2. -ProCat Catenary Voltage Measurement

  3. -ProTracker Wayside and Train Operator Warning Devices

  4. -Wayside Workzone Protection Lights

  5. -Bus Turn Warning System

  6. -Operator Cell Phone / Texting Alarm System

Engineering and Services

  1. -Reverse engineering of obsolete products

  2. -Automated Test Benches (BTE)

  3. -Relay Testing and Calibration

  4. -PCB testing and repair

  5. -EMI/EMC Design and Test Services